Douro Family Estates

Douro Family Estates (DFE) was founded in 2007 as an “association” of “small” wine producing families from the estates of the Douro Valley, the oldest delimited region in the world, and consists of four family estates: Quinta dos Po├žos, Quinta do Soque, Quinta das Bajancas and Brites Aguiar.

The DFE families share the same objectives and face the same difficulties, which are preserving the excellence of their wines and terroir in this world of ours, whose ever increasing globalisation also encompasses wine aromas and flavours. This awareness led to the defining of some principles and objectives in order to protect the traditions and values of the wine producing families and ensure the survival and persistence of these ideas in future generations:

Each wine is “created” in accordance with the qualities and messages of each of “our” terroirs. It expresses a unique identity because behind each wine lies a story, a taste, a culture, a dream;

Promotion and preservation of autochthonous varieties of Douro;

Promotion of Douro, the oldest delimited region in the world and currently an UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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