Quinta das Bajancas

A passion for the land and wine led the Lamas Family to become a wine producer. About twenty years ago, after spending several years working in Lisbon, António Lamas returned to his birthplace, Trevões, and step by step created the foundations of a wine growing business.

The initial planting of vines took place on a 4 hectare parcel called “Bajancas” (meaning a place where witchcraft was performed, where the witch-doctor administered his remedies), situated on a south-facing slope with good conditions for the production of grapes.

Currently Quinta das Bajancas has 12 hectares of vines on a total area of 70 hectares of schisty soil at an average altitude of 500 metres, ensuring the production of very fresh, mineral wines with excellent gastronomic potential.

In order to preserve the estate’s individual characteristics António Lamas used ancient grape vines that existed on the estate in “pilheiros” (ancient method in which the vines were grown in holes in schist walls), providing genuine genetic material representative of the wines formerly made in the region.


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One Comment on "Quinta das Bajancas"

  1. Paul Cortois says:

    This is one of the greatest Portuguese wines I discovered (I recently tasted Bajancas 2008). I don’t know whether it’s possible to find it in Belgium; we bought it in Napoleao, rua da Conceiçao in Lisbon (at the suggestion of the shopkeeper).

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