Quinta do Soque

Quinta do Soque is an estate situated on the left bank of the Torto River, in Cima Corgo, a privileged location in the Douro Delimited Region. It has been in the Vicente family for over 20 years. Just like the great estates of the Douro, its origin dates back to distant times (the name Soque comes from the verb sovar, which means to press, flattens, squeeze, trample, tread).

In order to guarantee the production of high quality table wines the family decided to modernise the vineyards, performing studies on the suitability of the grape varieties for the location’s unique and unrepeatable ecological conditions, and in the vinification facilities.

Each year, Quinta do Soque produces several categories of Douro DOC table wine. Year after year we strive to produce wines with the typical characteristics of Douro, in a process of great dedication and passion, and at the same time constant learning and perfection.


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