Quinta dos Poços

The Quinta is called dos Poços (Farm of the wells) after the multiple water springs that spout from its soil. It is located in the Demarcated Region Of Douro, an UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site, near Valdigem in Lower Corgo area. It is one of the oldest in the region, with the main house being a typical rural manor house from the XVIII contury. It was there that the french troops of the General of Brigade Loison (one handed general) stationed by the time of the first Napoleonic Invasion, in 1808.

Quinta dos Poços extends itself over 25 ha. Of slaty soil typical of the region, and 21ha. Of which are mechaninised in terraces and vertical lines. The grape varieties planted are considered the most characteristic of the region and in the terroir they are distributed by areas according to the most adequated disposition in oenological terms.


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