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Richard Stavek Mlady Bocek 2017

Richard Stávek Mlady Boček 2017


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Richard Stávek is one of the pioneers of natural wine in Moravia. He began producing in the mid 1990’s. Richard is a constant tinkerer and farmer of all sorts and believes strongly in a holistic approach to his relation with the land. We were served water from his own well when we visited him. Richard makes honey and goat cheese, farms apricots, cherries, nuts and many seasonal vegetables besides grapes. He farms 15 hectares of land, with 4.5 hectares dedicated to grape vines featuring some little known indigenous grape varieties. Most of his wines are field blends. Recently, Richard has begun drying wood staves that will be used to make barrels for the world renowned Austrian barrel-maker, Stockinger. For some of his wines, he uses wood from his acacia forests for ageing.
In the winery, the focus is on traditional practices, treading barefoot, inclusion of whole bunches, fermentation in wooden vats, gravity racking, limited or no use of sulphur dioxide.

Tasting notes
A blend of local varieties Sevar and Rubinet, this red is aromatic, almost perfumed – reminiscent of candied rhubarb, touch of lavender, and gental herbal notes running through the bright red fruit character. On the palate, it shows more of the red fruit character, with long length, chewiness and superb drinkability. An absolute smasher.

Tasting Notes one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirtenn fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen wighteen nineteen twenty one two three four five six seven eight thirty one two three
Grape varieties Müller Thurgau, Neubürger
Region Moravia, Czech Republic
Alcohol Vol% 14
Fermentation process Spontaneous
Category Natural, Organic, Vegan
Vintage 2016
Type Red


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