Eléctrico no4

18th November 2014, 19.00-23.00
£25 ticket in advance. Includes entry, food, 1 welcome drink, a tutored wine tasting, live music performance, film and art
The Winemakers Club, 41a Farringdon St (beneath Holborn Viaduct) London EC4A 4AN



We continue “Electrico” events of Portuguese food, wine, culture, music and socialising with the next journey taking place on the 18th of November at The Winemaker’s Club, Farringdon St under Holborn Viaduct. Called in the name of vintage trams in Lisbon it evokes the atmosphere of a journey, inviting “passengers” to experience Portugal on sensory, intellectual and emotional levels. Our new venue preserves the old London arches experience as before.There is value to encountering a culture in a multidimentional form. Our evening is designed to impart a deep experience of Portugal and fuse it with London with wider sensory exposure which includes food, wine, film/ video and live art.

renatoWe have a new exciting chef- Renato Santos- who will translate his deep passion for Portuguese cuisine into an enticing mixture of authentic petiscos (tapas) which he will be preparing throughout the evening. Born in Portugal, Renato studied in New York at ICE , worked in Portugal for Heinz Beck as well as a few other great kitchens. He has created a truly Portuguese street food menu for our event which you can check opposite.

ramiroThe music concept is expanding with a versatile jazz guitarist Ramiro Leite joining our regular electronic musician Vasco Perreira to create a very special live set of traditional and modern musical sounds of Lisbon and Portugal. From Porto and Lisbon respectively, both studied in Lisbon before taking their musical ambitions outside of Portugal: Ramiro studied jazz at Rotterdam Conservatory while Vasco was soaking up the London scene. With diverse music tastes and influences for both, the set will be an improvisation around a number of themes: from Fado guitar, to jazz to beats it will be a somewhat psychodelic walk through Lisbon with ambient urban sounds included.

swathsWe will have a short tutored wine tasting at the beginning of the evening to impart our knowledge of the wines and the passion of the winemakers upon you and our wine bar will be stocked with an excellent selection of authentic and interesting wines from the home country. The wine list (check opposite) reflects the great diversity of regions and terroirs of Portugal, the multitude of styles with a host of stories behind them- from Vinho Verdes White and Red to Douro Field blends to experimental natural wine makers to Port and Late Harvest- there is lots to learn and to entertain one’s senses with.  Our wine guides will be full of stories and recommendations to drink both on its own and to pair with the delightful food by our new chef.

austinArt will be created and curated by Austin Zefdaddy and crew. Film as usual, and above all there will be lots of socialising. Join us to experience these diverse sensations of Portugal both physical and imaginary, we hope to see you there.

vasco eventful austinw aus

Food Menu by Renato Santos

 At the Table

Special Seasoned Tremoços and Olives

From the Kitchen

escabeche thin

Sardinhas Escabeche

Moelas (Chicken Gizzards in Tomato Sauce)

Orelha de Porco (Pigs Ear)

  Bacalhau salad (Salt Cod)

  Grilled Chouriço with São Jorge Cheese

Alheira with Easy Boiled Quail Egg (Game and Poultry Sausage)

Linguiça (Paprika and Garlic Sausage)


 mini Pasteis de Nata


Wine List

Whites {Glass 125ml/Bottle}

.                                             Encostas de Penalva 2012 £3.50/£14   Dão Indigenous White Grapes Blend

.                        Chão do Prado White 2012  £4.50/£18   Arinto+Rabo de Ovelha, Bucelas-Lisbon

      .                  Quinta da Palmirinha 2013 £5.50/£23   Loureiro+Azal Biodynamic ,Vinho Verde

  .                        Poema Alvarinho Superior 2011 £6.50/£28 Melgaço

  Rose {Glass 125ml/Bottle}

.                                                        Zebro Rose 2012 £3.50/£14 Organic Alentejo

Reds {Glass 125ml/Bottle}

.                                             Encostas de Penalva 2011 £3.50/£14   Dão Indigenous Red Grapes Blend

.                                                                          Tinto Bom £4.50/£18 Tinta Nacional, Organic Vinho Verde

.                                                  MC Niepoort Red 2012 £5.50/£23 Field Blend, Douro

.                                                                     Riso 2012 £6.50/£29 Touriga Nacional+Arganonez+Souzão+Syrah, Alentejo

Port & Sweet {Glass 100ml/Bottle}

Morgadio da Calçada Dry White Port £4.50/£27

Morgadio da Calçada Ruby Reserve Port £5/£29

Chão do Prado Late Harvest 2009, Bucelas £6.50/£29(50cl)

Morgadio da Calçada Vintage 2007 Port £11 glass only


Extinct Vintages and Live Artists

…………….To Be Confirmed………………

Austin Zefdaddy

Vasco Pereira

Adonis Niko

Maddie Duncan


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