On the endless planes: The endless expanse of rolling planes stretching under immaculate blue skies, long farms and plantations, cork oaks- these are images that come to mind when thinking about Alentejo. Painted a deep green in late winter, sometimes straw-coloured in late spring, sometimes ochre brazier in the summer, […]


Steep Valleys: Located in the deep valleys running down from the forbidding mountains of inland Portugal, Beiras stretches from mighty Tagus river in the south almost touching the Douro River in the North. The tall giants like Serra da Estrela separate it from Castillian Spain, but not its dry continental […]


Among the pine forest: Populated by narrow paths that run in the mountains, hills or along the banks of rivers the place is full of historic towns, villages and wilderness forts of ancient nobility. The surrounding set of tall mountains protects it from both the wetness of the Atlantic and […]


On the Stepping Gardens: Douro has been historically dominated by port production, with the grapes and the wine transported down the Douro River, culminating in Porto. It is known as the world oldest demarcated region, established in 1756, producing Portugal most recognizable export. However the winemaking itself goes, arguably, several […]

Vinho Verde

The hanging Vines:   Vinho Verde is a Portuguese specialty: fresh and fruity wine with a light sparkle. Here is an abundance of specific grape varieties and winemaking peculiarities. The climate is strongly influenced by the Atlantic with variations provided by mountainous topology. The land is subdivided into several subregions, […]