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Art and Wine

18th February 2014, 12.00-17.00 and 18.30-22.30

Free entrance before 17.00

then £20 ticket in advance book “here. Includes Electrico event entry, food, 1 welcome drink music film and art

St Andrews Holborn Church Crypt, Holborn Circus London EC4A 3AB



Carel Weight RA CBE Famous Picture of Holborn Circus just after the war Carel  Weight RA CBE
Holborn Circus ’47
Showing the Bomb damage and RebuildingLimited Edition Print £795-


Free Entrance on Feb 18th to Art Exhibition. 

 James Cauty , AMAZING PIECE OF REAL STREET ART –  titled  “Smiley Riot Shield”   what a great piece , showing that ART  REALLY   can be anywhere and isn’t it nice when it makes you smile ! This Rare Limited Edition painting / Sculpture (?) comes with a COA from the artist and is EX POLICE , hence the scuffs on it.  A Great piece to hang on your wall OR get rid of over staying party guests! Phone for details.

I would like to invite you to an event I am taking part in with a colleague from London who is an expert on Portugese  wine . The  Portuguese Story event called “Eléctrico”, hosted in

the mysterious 17th century arches of the St Andrew Church crypt
(Holborn Circus) on the 18th of February .
The picture at the top is by Carel Weight RA CBE called Holborn 47 and it almost shows the little street where the Art & wine event is happening. St Andrew Church, the ancient crypt of which will host the events, can just be seen peeking from behind a building in the top right corner with its white bell tower.
 FROM 12.00 untill 6.00 There is free entry to see a  select exhibition with works for sale at “take away prices” including Banksy , Tracey Emin , Pure Evil , Swoon , David Hockney , Damien Hirst , Cyclops , Can Man and Carel Weight’s picture of Holborn Circus in 1947  
Then from 6:30pm it continues alongside the main event to bring a wine person / wine lover with you. Ricardo has created a 5 persons ticket for the evening, so you can organise a group and get an extra free bottle of wine, kindly selected by Ricardo. 

Eléctrico (Lisbon tram) will evoke the atmosphere of Lisbon streets, inviting “passengers” on a journey of sensory, intellectual and emotional experiences of Portugal. Fuelled by authentic and inventive Portuguese food, wine and other unique drinks, Eléctrico will populate “passengers” evening with sensations of Portugal through windows of experience both physical and imaginary. From Lisbon Streets to London streets, to streets all over the world there is nothing like street art to unite us.


For more information / details just Email me ( )  or


Check all details on Eléctrico page:

Book your tram ticket:

You are welcome to spread the word!


strong>=  =  =
I had the pleasure of seeing prints by Pure Evil selling on Ebay for more than we are selling them for in the gallery, showing that despite having overheads , paying VAT on sales etc buying from us is a wise more AND you have backup & Provenance –
both of which are increasingly important with any rising artist. 
Pure Evil , one of a Pair of Limited Editions showing Arthur Miller’s Nightmare , Marilyn Monroe  85 x 72 cm this great print also comes with a silver background but is VERY Hard to photograph. I only have a couple of the Blue ones and a few of the silver and they are £350- each. 


= = = = =
The artist PURE EVIL’s china by Royal Doulton was previewed at a Trade Fair at Olympia in January where it got a great reception and I am  We have several of the originals that were used by Royal Doulton for the designs .  One of his pictures of Audrey Hepburn was used on the ront cover of LAISSEZ FAIRE  with several  pages inside about him , but despite printing 20,000 copies they did not send him any copies so I am giving you the link here .

I have just purchased some LARGE canvases by him – if you would like details please let me know – WE have just sold the canvas by him of JFK’s Nightmare that was featured in The Guardian – Full Page –

Have you noticed how in the papers / TV News there have been more & more reports of  record prices for artworks & collectables ?  It shows that the best is always appreciating and demand is always there. The Times even had the nerve to tell you what THEY think are the best pictures. All the safe, predictable ones of course.
PERSONALLY – the best picture you’ll buy is the one you buy today that you can’t afford in 10 years time. Just as I advised clients to buy Banksy when his signed prints were under £200 and they now start at many thousands and his canvases starting at about £60,000.
John Brandler
Thank you for reading this , remember , we supply pictures for your
Pleasure & Profit – Quality always outperforms other investments in the long teerm – and often in the short term !   Brandler Galleries




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